Battlefield 2042 Abrams tank gameplay -

Battlefield 2042 Abrams tank gameplay

The Prime Directive
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“Workhorse MBT of the US Military for almost half a century. Armed with a stabilized smoothbore 120mm main gun. 1,500 HP gas turbine engine. “Whispering Death” is still in its prime.”
— In-game description

The M1A5 is a vehicle in Battlefield 2042. It is the main battle tank of the United States faction, and can seat four players – a driver, a top gunner, a forward gunner and a spotter.

As with many ground vehicles, the M1A5 can be requested for call-in, either from the Spawn Screen or while in-field.

It can seat four players. The driver operates a 127mm cannon with one of three available types of ammunition, and a coaxial machine gun. The top gunner can be equipped with one of three heavy weapon systems, including a TOW Missile. The forward gunner operates a weapon pod, and the commander operates the Sensor Array and Detection Pulse.

One mechanic brought forward from Battlefield V is limited turret traversal speed. This prevents the heavy turret from being aimed as quickly as a PC player can move their mouse. Compared to tanks of earlier games, this makes a tank more approachable by infantry.
Battlefield 2042 Abrams tank gameplay

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  1. а зачем туда сюда ездить, если все равно в прямой видимости?

  2. Обычная унылая битва двух танков

  3. Most beautiful tank mechanics and realistic feeling in game history, i have to admit

  4. We need perks for each class like faster reload or more def. Like in bf 3 or 4

  5. But Abrams no it these shit is , mix between Abrams & Merkava tank

  6. Neznašam tento Battlefield nezhraješ somnou BTF 5 ?

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