Battle City (1985, NES) - 1 of 7: Full Gameplay (Take 1)[1080p] -

Battle City (1985, NES) – 1 of 7: Full Gameplay (Take 1)[1080p]

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[1 January 2018] Now available in 1080p60 and 2-player co-op!

[30 June 2018] I noticed that this video, and most of my NES longplays, are getting good viewerships. I will now be accepting requests for NES games so if you have any old NES games you’re wanting to see some longplays of feel free to let me know (preferrably puzzle games – also no RPGs for now, please)
Note on the tank’s colours: In the real thing, they flash very quickly frame to frame – but since Youtube halves the framerate from 60fps to 30fps, one half of the colours have been lost – thus the tanks appear to be solid coloured.
— Battle City —
01 — You are here (1 Player)
02 — (2 Players)
03 — (Glitch Levels 36~70)
04 — (Glitch Levels 71~127)
05 — (Glitch Levels 128~170)
06 — (Glitch Levels 193~256)
07 — (Unwinnable Level 200)

— Tank 1990 (1 Player) —
Mode H —
Mode I —
Mode J —

— Tank 1990 (2 Players) —
Mode K —
Mode L —
Mode M —
Mode N —

— 255 Tank “Endurance” —
Take 1 —
Take 2 —
Take 3 —
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(12th April 2016 – Hungarian)


  1. ужасно бесят большие танки

  2. me and my brother still have this game on old console

  3. Wow just wow. You just brought me back to my childhood days!! ❤️❤️👍👍🎮🎮

  4. I use to create maps and play them with my brothers… It was so competitive.

  5. before world of tanks existed, it was this game… this is where i first started playing video games

  6. The nostalgia i got as the 1st lvl theme song started up TwT

  7. Shoot the eagle when the stage starts…

    You win the game.

  8. If I have time machine, I'll go back immediately. No covid.

  9. juegoi de mierda es finito me llegaba al pincho nivel 105 me di cuenta XD

  10. Niños de ahora: Va ese juego es una porquería
    Los old school:
    Es un clásico, eso es lo que es

  11. Kids: COD
    Veteran: Battlefield
    Kings: World of Tanks
    GODS: Battle City

  12. Fua que juegazo me pasaba muchas horas jugando lo

  13. Hands down games like this is so so much better than the games now 🙌

  14. I miss this so much, my siblings and I have this nonstop fight on whose going to use the gameboy first or asking for money to our parents just to play this games in gamestores

  15. The best moments of this gamr were:
    1. Waiting for the blinking tank and then waiting for the star to appear.
    2. When some tank is near your eagle and you get the shield power.
    3. Locking all tanks and destroying all tanks in 10 seconds! 😛
    4. One players stays near the eagle and destroys the tank approaching it and another players takes the charge.
    5. Arguing with some tank destroys the eagle.
    6. You have last life left and 1 up appears.

  16. Just bought it for my daughter but seems i am spending more time playing it ❤.

  17. I was always the green tank when we player co-op.

  18. No amigo me golpeaste en la cara de la infancia porque me acuerdo que en 2017 teníamos una laptop mi papá juega juegos viejos y yo no se como jugarlos porque hay que apretar los botones del teclado, y me acuerdo que tenía este juego en el emulador del laptop que teníamos

  19. I really miss this videogame.

    I played it with my cousins and sometimes with my dad and my sister

  20. Me 1997 – BATTLE CITY, Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!. 12 years later…. WORLD OF TANKS, Oh SHet! I'm Out of Ammo, Ram Him!!!!

  21. My dad bought me a Polistation (a pirate NES console in Mexico) where I used to play this game and more when I was 13, he liked to watched me playing and getting good at games, he passed away 6 months later, this game always bring me back memories of my dad watching me playing while he was behind sitting on his rocking chair

  22. My older brother and I used to play this game. 😭 I miss my kuya so much..

  23. i remember my sister is mad at me because i shoot her tank, can't move killed by the enemy

  24. i played this game when i was just kid. like 4 years old…along with supermario and metal gear.

  25. Whoa ! I used to play this during childhood. Didn't know the games name but I knew the visuals. Thanks

  26. NOOOOO!!! Que nostalgia!!! Tanto tiempo sin saber de este juego!! Era super buena jugandolo!! 🥺

  27. ahh yes, one of the best game developers in the industry… NAMCOT

  28. Is it just me or does just hearing the backgroundmusic from this game automatically remind you of a better time in life. #Nostalgic

  29. Eu, Jurassic Player aprovo, esse eu joguei muito aos meus 14 anos na época dos dinossauros :o)

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