BALISTIC TANKS: Top Down Retro Tank Madness - #ballistictanks - BlockHead Gaming -

BALISTIC TANKS: Top Down Retro Tank Madness – #ballistictanks – BlockHead Gaming

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Thanks to the devs of BALISTIC TANKS for the Steam Key. The BlockHeads try out the multiplayer of their arcade shooter Tank Game.
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GENRE ► Action, Casual, Indie
DEVELOPER ► Kirk Lucas
RELEASE DATE ► 20th Sep 2016

Ballistic Tanks is the best tank game you’ve played since the 80’s. It is an intense arcade shooter where you destroy tanks in a frenzy of bullets, lasers, and explosions! Play a challenging solo/co-op arcade mode or compete with up to 4 friends in a variety of multiplayer game modes.

Over 50 different maps
Challenging single player or cooperative survival mode
4-player local multiplayer with controller support
Formidable enemy AI difficulty
Multiple game changing power-ups
Various competitive game modes

I’m a solo developer from Toronto, Canada. This is my first game, and I am really excited to share Ballistic Tanks with you. Thanks for checking it out. And if you have any questions, or just want to say hi, you can reach me on Twitter or Email.


  1. XD lucky for getting gifted a game!

  2. Great video! Hope you guys had fun despite the many bugs. Was this the beta version just before release? The game has since been updated multiple times to address the issues. And a bit of content was also added since release. Hope you get to visit the game again and see what's in store.

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