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B-C 25 t: Brutal endgame – World of Tanks

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B-C 25 t: Brutal endgame – World of Tanks
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The B-C 25 t is a French tier 10 medium tank.
The B-C 25 t marks the end of its French medium tank line.
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  1. Lol that one arty just shot for the hell of it lol facing the wrong direction and still shot lol

  2. Cómo ya tiene el diseño del tanque del Waffenträger si aún no empieza

  3. Heat with so much bushes and other elements make it’s use very risky

  4. Pobres SPG 😂 no pueden aser nada contra un ligero como el batchantilon 25 T

  5. Lmao this is so gay WOT is for players who cant play WT

  6. The only thing brutal is WG constantly changing the game and tanks.

  7. Vitória e Derrota dependem reciprocamente das características de como a fazer-mos.

  8. Grande coisa, duas artilharias e uma strv quase morta 😂😂😂🤡🤡

  9. World of tanks if a rip of version of war thunder

  10. Why would you ram? Just kill the conq with the last apcr and you get yourself a free medal

  11. Howcan I open that blue staff at the back. I have it too for my centurion 7 but not gloving.

  12. Nice quality. What settings are you using

  13. Wo war das ein brutales endgame? 2 Artys und ein oneshoot strv sind nun keine wirklichen endgegner

  14. You surprised him by coming from the rear and arty was aiming at you not taking into account the wall, the other Arty was over aiming on overhead mode😂

  15. Конченная игра , если кто захочет скачать идите на варгейминг а не на ленту , в лесте игра только за бабло а иначе вас будет унижать и гнобить сливами

  16. Таранить арту на батике так себе идея

  17. yes arty and one shot enemies…thats the endgame enemy for bc25….and NOTHING else^^

  18. That TD to smart hide in bush and stil mover

  19. what's brutal about it. it was like easy af


  21. 2 arty, 200hp dead td 1400 vs 1200 hp sry nothing to be happy and pro

  22. When will this game come out for mobile?

  23. tf is that 155 58 doing bruh

  24. was ist da brutal da gibt es on Maß Spieler da sind bots Elite Gegner dagegen

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