AW // Early Access 4 / "On the Origin of Tank Games" -

AW // Early Access 4 / “On the Origin of Tank Games”

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The latest round of Armored Warfare’s testing is here, and it brings with it a whole bunch of changes and new features. And, perhaps best of all, no more annoying watermarks all over the screen… though I’m sure the rest of it is ok too.

(As you can see, it still doesn’t record particularly well with my AMD card, however it’s definitely an improvement on last time!)


Armored Warfare is a multiplayer tank PVP game, currently in closed testing – you can find out more at:

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  1. "Gvodiska" is actually pronounced "gvoZdika" and it's a Russian name for Dianthus.

  2. God dammit, I used to find (albiet used) codes on these video all the time, and the only times when I'm early to these videos they just aren't there.
    Also, we need to wait for them to put the cent 155 back in game so we can get that kv-2 intro.

  3. JADED, UR JADED ON WOT'S (PVP). It's a good thing english is not ur first language.

  4. Since you brought up the comparison with Payday 2 with regards to PvE, I hope Obsidian take some inspiration from that title, too – How to generate interesting "wave" style and dynamic objectives during the mission, as well as maybe linking together some missions.

    Also, they could make PvE campaigns (sort of fulfilling missions on a campaign map or sth.) There's much potential here, and I hope Obsidian try to develop the idea.

  5. Jedi hoping nobody from Circons stream would catch him satisfying his dirty 'clicker' needs in AW

  6. I'm also hoping wargaming does something similar with co-op battles in WoWs and makes it a viable way of playing the game

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