All Episodes of The siege of the Castle and the Crown of Power - Cartoons about tanks -

All Episodes of The siege of the Castle and the Crown of Power – Cartoons about tanks

HomeAnimations – Сartoons about tanks
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he cartoons about tanks are based on the game “World of Tanks”. All episodes are about the siege of the Castle, the battle between the two armies of Leviathan and Morok, Gate Breaker Mortar, the throne room, Leviathan’s father, and the struggle of the two brothers for the Сrown of Power!

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Pictures and animation by Aleksandr Kostrikov

The animation was created in Adobe Animate

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  2. You are a legend please come back😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  3. Sorry I haven’t watched for a long time

  4. De repente perdí la inspiración, de repente recordé un video de hace mucho tiempo que disfruté mucho. Navegué un rato por el canal y lo encontré, ¡eso es todo! Gracias por el increíble contenido….

  5. as war rages on just like transformers l the end

  6. English langauge!! Amazing!!!! PLEASE DON'T LEAVE YOUR CHANNEL I LOVE IT

  7. Morok is much nicer than his other brother (Not Leviathan)

  8. Эх ностальгия приятно посмотреть старые серии особенно про мир Левиафана по тому что они самые интересные 😊

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  10. Why don’t he use his portal power to get in the castle?

  11. KV 6 died and now levaithan needs crown from his father. his father was terrifying when mask got destroyed why levaithan kill it. it was his father he got demon inside. is levaithan s father good ? we know that morok is good nice guy thank you that you put on powerful tank in this channel i like it

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