ALL EPISODES of Japan and the USA confrontation - Cartoons about tanks -

ALL EPISODES of Japan and the USA confrontation – Cartoons about tanks

HomeAnimations – Сartoons about tanks
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ALL EPISODES of Japan and the USA confrontation! The cartoons about tanks are based on the game “World of Tanks”. This is the full collection of episodes of Japan and the USA confrontation.

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Pictures and animation by Aleksandr Kostrikov

The animation was created in Adobe Animate


  1. I can’t find the episode where kv44 fights tankzilla and the other tank 😭plz tell me where to find 😢

  2. America is most powerful contry so do japan captured him🤔🤔🤔

  3. Wait how did i watch this 3 years ago when this video was 2 years ago?

  4. That japan tank saw the us generals family and it look the same japan family so he said "we retreat"

  5. Yall know what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki 😈

  6. Home animation tank cartoon enjoy watching and good mood subcribe p

  7. Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys🙄

  8. I think then the mechanic built the tank and he bited ahm smh i think it means like and sub😅

  9. I have no words for this video 😭 😢 its cool

  10. Dad Japan Gets Revenge his Son and Mom Died
    And Acanerican is destroyed
    Japan Team 🇯🇵🎌 or Acanerican Team 🇺🇸

  11. Japan has met philipines why that hapen he want to kill usa?

  12. Philipines well regret this gana till the army

  13. Thank you. I was sick and your words made me happy and relieved my pain 🤒

  14. 거거거거거거거거거거거거거거거거검나 재미이ㅅ당

  15. USA is the 1st power country in the world

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