AEW Meets Shark Tank | AEW Stars Play Snake Oil -

AEW Meets Shark Tank | AEW Stars Play Snake Oil

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Welcome back to our second episode of our new board game series! Join Evil Uno, Nyla Rose, Brandon Cutler and Orange Cassidy as we play Snake Oil! Come along for a crazy ride as this game is full of silly jokes and ridiculous pitches!

Which board games would you like to see us play next?

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  1. Aw man, if you’re starting to do board games, let me know if you need recommendations!

  2. 17:20 Nyla's so good at this she can barely finish her pitch and still manages to win the round

  3. Ice Cold Vicky Sacramento couldn't pull off the win 🙁

  4. It'd be nice to see you all try some social deduction games, like Blood On The Clocktower, but I suspect that'll require a bit more setup time and people than you can easily organize

  5. Ash Elm Willow Board Games. There's the title guys

  6. If this doesn’t lead to a collab with @NoRollsBarred then what are we even doing here

  7. And now I want to see you all play Cards Against Humanity…that one probably couldn’t be recorded though haha

  8. So Orange's community wrestler in Fight Forever is Winter Sacramento. Is Vickie her sister, or is "Winter" Vickie's nickname?

  9. This game is always good for cracking each other up, and apparently yourself too!

  10. Actual tears in my eyes during Nyla’s robot stick pitch

  11. These 4 together, doing board games, is gold 🔥🔥🔥

  12. That last round broke me. 😂Would love to see y'all play Mysterium or Dixit!

  13. Wow its back. Yearly 4 vids before they’d stop for rest of the year.

  14. Pitch to TK the old wcw concept match, Battle Bowl.

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