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Gunner, HEAT, PC! Is the most realistic tank simulator out right now. Early access but with a TON of potential. If you love tank games, this is the one to check out!

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  1. I was a tank commander on the M60A1 and M60A3 tanks in the American Army…I was with the Big Red One…

  2. Looks a good game! I'm probably going to wait until its out of early access but looks very promising!

  3. Is it planned to be cold war only, or is it too early to tell?

  4. "you don't have a million and one controls" I am looking at you War Thunder

  5. should i get this game or should i get ready or not

  6. I think the most realistic tank sim is a simulator itself like Steel Beasts. But still, GHPC is pretty neat

  7. Where exactly did you serve, like Country and Unit?

    Greetings from a former Combat Med. German Armed Forces, 1. Sanitätslehrregiment (1. Medical Training Regiment)

  8. It would be nice if they add multiplayer capability like post scriptum and Hell let loose where you can actually be in a tank with your buddies manning the other stations.

  9. They’re definitely going to need to re-record those voice lines because nobody is going to want to listen to that many cracking voices every time a crew member says something.

  10. HOW DO YOU ONLY HAVE 606 SUBSCRIBERS???????????????????????????????

  11. I want to play this game and I respect your experience as a real life tanker but I don’t view this game as MOST realistic.

  12. Steel beasts is the most realistic tank simulator anywhere.

  13. Hi is this for any pc sir and what its call the game i wanna try it my self its looks funn??

  14. خالد بن الوليد بن المغيرة المخزومي says:

    I wouldn't want to be under your command. I'm sorry I just like angry mean people

  15. I like the game, but I think the turrets blow off to much, IDK, maybe they do in real life

  16. Enjoyed your vid an take on it. Former M1A1 TC here. Always good to see an hear from members of the community.

  17. It's super awesome, soeciallz when the enemies get close and your crew slowly starts to panic

  18. Never played it but my favourite part is how the crew actually sounds scared shitless when things heat up. I have not seen that in any other game.

  19. Love the video and i'm definitely getting this game!

    Can you do a video on Post Scriptum's armor gameplay next, please? That game needs more love it is criminally underrated.

  20. Curious to hear your thoughts on the tank mechanics in Red Orchestra 2

  21. I don't know about anyone else but when I hear the gunner scream "up" I think of the gunner just stomping like a old ww2 Firing system and it Makes me think about a frantic struggle of a tank in a overwhelming attack

  22. I am having a blast with this game. Interestingly, one of my favourite missions is the one you played but from the red team. Using T-55As to knock out M-60s is insanely hard work. And you have to rangefind manually. Sadly coincidence rangefinders not implemented yet. It is quite interesting as the 100mm apfsds is not useless if you hit the hull of the M60 but your target acquisition is much slower and harder. And despite HEAT being far better, apfsds is much more forgiving for range estimations and you can more easily get shots on target with it.
    If you get hit by 105, chances of surviving are pretty small. Your turret and hull can stop some hits from certain angles but you can't rely on it. Nit in the same way the M60 can. Overall, great game with the potencial to be an accessible sim.

  23. Keep the GHPC videos coming! Your subs are going to explode!

  24. Great summation. I have no idea how real it is but bought it on a hunch as it looked good and am absolutely enjoying it.

  25. I'd love to see you play in a tank in Hell Let Loose. You get the ability to command a gunner and a driver in the tank. Pretty fun stuff.

  26. What the fuck are you going to do with a car besides scouting

  27. Fun Fact: GHPC's T-72 autoloaders are modeled to how it would work IRL, the round travels through the whole system into the breech. Hypothetically if you shot at the right time, you could miss the ammo through a missing round in the autoloader.

  28. I thought it was world of tanks thank god

    this post was by the war thunder gang

  29. I have a question roaming in my mind for a while.

    How do you know that a tank is nocked out in real life

  30. Gonna heat PC home sounds like it's going to make my computer is explode

  31. Nah bro, you should play Roblox Multicrew Tank Combat, that's one of the most realistic, want to know why? You need an actual crew for the tanks.

  32. I'd really appreciate an IL2 style of tank interior instead of going straight from commander over tank to sight. It takes a bit of 'presence' out of the game. Like I am supposed to be inside the tank but it never feels like I am inside the tank. Just eyes that can change position.

  33. It's nice to see that the damage is well modelized with the turrent of the T55 flying into the air when you make the ammunition rack blow…

  34. One of the things I like about this game is the commander. Most games you play as a 1 man tank and as such, you are responsible for scanning for targets. Having an AI commander searching for targets is very nice and definitely improves situational awareness, although occasionally the commander will be like a dog and see things that I don’t, even with Thermals on.

  35. Always kinds strange to think about how quickly an entire crew of tankers can be gone in a second from a single hit

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