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Gunner, HEAT, PC! Is the most realistic tank simulator out right now. Early access but with a TON of potential. If you love tank games, this is the one to check out!

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  1. Steel Beast is the most realistic. GHPC doesn't have multi-crew or internal views – less immersive then the good Arma tanks

  2. Yeah I’ve been having a great time with it since I bought it last week 👍🏻 I’d highly recommend it.

  3. The name of this game is gunner HEAT PC and it shows an APFSDS round on the logo.

  4. How do you feel GHPC is compared to SteelBeasts?

  5. this game we dont need it at all, bcs Warthunder with extra high quality graphic is already existed

  6. It's not most realistic. Steel Beastr Pro is way ahead in terms of real sim.

  7. As someone whose only experience with tanks is games it's interesting how the real principles of armoured combat are different. Accuracy and shot placement seem alot more important that just wailing on it over and over till the armour is compromised.

  8. I bet you would hate World of Tanks Blitz. This actually looks good. Going to check it out but I hope it has pvp

  9. Try steel beasts pro. It's good. Also an actual tank commander 😁

  10. The Scotish Clone Trooper Echoe-22-537 says:

    Had this game since the 2020 demos

  11. The AAR is amazing, and it allows you to see exactly what happened as you hit enemy units. My second favorite feature behind the crew voices.

  12. There is a mission in the Instant Action menus called Long Road (I think) where you have to drive a few km along a road, taking out threats along the way. It's really difficult. Basically trying to survive ambush after ambush, but it's fun to trial and error your way through it. I still haven't made it past 5 or 6 waypoints.

  13. Damn, I never knew of this game.
    As a former tank crew too, I might gove this a shot !

  14. Most realistic? LOL 😂 😂😂

    No lanes from tanks, no laser range finding, 3rd person view etc etc. Steel Beasts is realistic. But not this arcade shooter here. LOL

  15. I used to be a gunner for a leopard 2A6 it was awesome but I think one of the most scariest thing that happened to me whilst being a gunner was around flying right back into the Hall of the tank from the gun breach we don't know what happened but the round didn't go out the barrel and decided to come right back into our tank and it was a heat round so needless to say it was quite the experience

  16. Leo 2 gunner, I really like this game. Something I can pick up for 10 mins that actually has most of the controls I'm used to. Being able to lase and use lead locks is already leagues above most games with tanks. Sights are great too, I can enjoy thermals without having to play with focus and contrast all the time. It's a nice mix of realism and fun gameplay, sure I can have fun on squad and war thunder but the FCS on those tanks always takes away from the experience for me.

  17. Having blast tank crew on HLL. Its awesome.
    Maybe i need to try this one

  18. Would have to upgrade my computer to play this, but it looks very friggin cool. My only criticism so far is that the tracers suck… they look more like blaster bolts in star wars or something. I'm sure that will be fixed

  19. Not a sim. This is more like the Armored Fist games by Novalogic.

  20. You are really bad for a tank commander XD (just kidding, everyones bad at first) nice video. Looking forward to seeing you improve at the game in future videos

  21. I would argue that Steel Beasts Pro is the most realistic. This game looks arcadey. No 3D modelling of the tank with tank model accurate controls and targeting systems with choice of roles. It should have a learning curve. This looks no more real than being a tanker in Hell Let Loose.

    SB Pro is only really used by the military. I haven't seen a good tank 'sim' for years. The last good SIM was probably Steel Fury Kharkov. It's a missed market.

  22. Which country did you serve as a leopard commander in ?

  23. Hey! i love your video and have you serve in the real military?

  24. I wish more war games had tactical radio chatter

  25. I Hope they add more tanks and campaings like Desert Storm style and M1A1 with M256 120mm gun

    This is the best Tank Game I have tried ever and dont have to hold that rat boys in multiplayer xD

  26. I literally didn't know this game had a map until this video 😆

  27. Good thing you specified which pic was you and which was the tank…. 🤣🤣🤣

  28. I bought the Early Access and it looked nothing like this!! I asked Steam for a refund too many bugs not ready for release or the price!!

  29. "The Most REALISTIC Tank Sim Ever!"

  30. Steel Beasts Pro PE is from an actual Army armor training kit. GHPC is an ambitious second place, but probably more affordable at least.

  31. Can you move through and play the different positions? Or are you only the TC?

  32. Is it GHPC good? Ofc it is, but it is NOT the most realistic tank sim that exist. Go check Steel Beasts Pro PE. That sim is actually used by NATO to train their troops in classroom.

  33. Do you think the Leopard tanks help Ukraine?

  34. You DO want the hull to rotate along with the turret if you have a majestically leisurely turret like thje M10 GMC's

  35. The leopard 2 is my absolute favorite tank. Its neat how i discovered a former commander for such tank!

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