Actual Tank Commander builds DESTRUCTIVE TANKS in Sprocket! -

Actual Tank Commander builds DESTRUCTIVE TANKS in Sprocket!

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Experimenting with different tank designs for the first time in Sprocket. Loads of different ways to build and customise tanks in this game! Accidentally built a Scimitar or Scorpion styled tank and even made an Apocalypse Tank!

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  1. this game really need a multiplayer

  2. A tank design isn’t truly cursed until it has three or more turrets.

  3. I never understand why there are double tank turrets, I never seen that in reality. Even if it existed at some point, it didn't cach on so I assume it was not effective as just one turret. But im unsure, im not a tank biologist.

  4. Im seeing all the 40K references, but there are the C@C ones?

  5. I_have_three_soviet_ tanks_with_ap_rounds. says:

    Marine Corps or army? I was a .50 gunner for the marines

  6. 𝒮𝓉𝑜𝒸𝓀𝒽𝑜𝓁𝓂 says:

    Half of these looks like they're straight from 40k

  7. A huge problem with this game is that the tracks don't actually perform like tracks, it's pretty much just the roadwheels that do the work.
    Which is even more of a problem when crossing the trenches, the tracks just clip into the trench edge.

  8. turns out tank commanders are not very design savvy

  9. I can't imagine the immense fascination I would have with this game for about 4 hours and then I'd never touch it again

  10. if you want to i can send you some tanks i've made

  11. The two turret tank reminds me of apocalypse tank of RA2

  12. Normal players on WWI map: Creates a normal light tank
    Me: Recreate a WWI tank based on the internet
    This dude: Designs a Warhammer 40k tank

  13. This video made me think everything, but not that you are a tank commander.

  14. Your tanks look like there from Warhammer 40k

  15. From my experimenting in trench crossing in sprocket, I have figured out the games doesn't actually consider the tracks, only the wheels (as in, the tracks between road wheels are purely cosmetic, no physics), which seems to be a common 'hack' for tracked vehicles, as circles are much easier for physics than tracks. Anyway, for trench crossing it will often be the case where the sharp edge of the trench wall will end up between the idler/drive sproket and the front road wheel, and wedge itself on the lower glacis. Also a problem when you have really soft suspension, over a trench the front one can over-compress and bottom your tank out. I have had some luck jamming a road wheel waaaay up front so its almost in front of the glacis. Still can't fix the bouncing issue though -_-

  16. You should create the tanks from the n64 game Battle Tanks Global Assault

  17. I just got the game and I am struggling to understand how you made a tank that small and fast, especially in the WW1 time period.

  18. "actual tank commander"
    But leaves side armor facing enemy?

  19. Советская танковая Дизайнер лихорадка Мечта :

  20. Hey I remember you
    You were the commander of our tank back in '10, I was the loader and you would always cum on the back of my head and shout "A LOAD FOR A LOAD!" and that would be the signal that we needed AP rounds. And what you did to me when we needed HE I can not speak of here :'("
    Even though the immense trauma you shot all over my scalp will never truly heal, we were still the best DAMN tankers out there

  21. I'm sorry, but a Toyota Corolla does NOT have a 24 LITRE V6

  22. Causally makes a warhammer tank

  23. Having done civil construction in the swamps, I can say the wider tracks were the right call!

    Basically what you're doing by using a wider track (or thicker mud tires on your tractors), is your spreading out the footprint and the distribution of the weight so you don't sink down. It's the same logic as using a snowshoe.

  24. Games workshop staff when watching this video: "Write that down! Write that down!!!"

  25. Sort of reminds me of the FV101 Scorpion tank.

  26. I love this game man! Yeah the map "no tanks land" in WW1, thats full of stucking, you can make good tank, but still you are stucking somewhere.

  27. How are you create that speed? I can't do more than 15 km.

  28. 8-year-old me would play the piss out of this game

  29. For crossing trenches, it would seem to me you need a longer track print(don't know if that's the right terminology), ie the parts of track horizontal to and in contact with the ground. That way when the tank tips forward over the trench the other side of the trench is not met with the upwardly inclined front portion of track, killing momentum, but a flat piece effectively slightly further back. A short track print also fits inside the trench width, effectively locking you in both ends. In short your track print needs to be longer than the width of the trench.

  30. “Mom can I have a panzer 2” “No we have a panzer 2 at home…..” :the panzer 2 at home:

  31. How the hell did you step into a potential furnace every day

  32. not all V6's are created equal. a 24 liter v6 is not the same as a toyota corolla.

  33. People always remember high horse power is nothing without torque!

  34. 8:28 “our gun basically has no depression” but it’s such a small happy tank, look at it! You don’t want to give it more depression 😂

  35. how many allies you get is dependent on the tank wight

  36. thanks for the vid because now i know this game is still no where near ready to play

  37. The first tank looks like a cursed WH40K kitbash.

  38. Can you make object 279 Russian tank 🇷🇺


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