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A Brand New Tank Game Now on Kickstarter! | Arms Trade Tycoon Tanks

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0:00 – 1:40 Kickstarter announcement
1:40 – 2:17 Game Overview
2:17 – 3:17 Kickstarter goals
3:17 – 4:18 Kickstarter rewards
4:18 – 6:34 Demo and miscellaneous information

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  1. cant wait to make a abramsssss or t-72 with ERA

  2. Those stretch goals are unrealistic, to put it mildly. Basic game looks interesting enough for me to hope they'll never reach them so the game eventually gets finished.

  3. Will there be an Mobile port unlike skyrocket?

  4. Thanks for sharing, Cone~ I love hearing about new games and tanks, so this was right up my alley :3

  5. Is this a console Alternative and competition for war thunder? I really REALLY hope so!
    War Thunder Genuinely needs a kick in the exhaust to improve their game and overall make the game much better than the hot mess it is, its why i Quit playing

  6. Well now i want to suggest them to add a design of mine, the Albatross landship. Pretty much the rival of the p1000 ratte

  7. Looks good, having enough together for a playable demo of some of the core systems is a very good sign, as is that they've got a team with the range of experiences needed to put a finished game together. I do think it's worth asking though, if the devs have a solution in mind for implementing physics, since that's something that could easily exceed the scope of a lot of the other stretch goals.

  8. I have been waiting for a tank game for so long since I quit war Thunder, but with me not having money to purchase a PC and using a console. I’m stuck with that and unable to play these games coming out like Sprocket, GHPC etc. Either way, this game looks like quite a bit of fun, I’ll be sure to watch any video you post on it!

  9. Micro Prose has been getting behind a lot of great, interesting nuche games recently.

  10. What Cone means by "I haven't won yet because I want to see all that it is in the demo" is that he hasn't won because the AI cheats by having ready to produce designs way faster than you, company gets bankrupt before you even get to complete your first contract and being unable to accumulate the resources you need for said contract which you got bunkrput while trying to buy them for it.
    Overall a fairly realistic representation of a tank building company, I expect the later releases will be better, looks promising.

  11. i know have 2 games to watch out for gunner heat pc and this game amazing

  12. I will buy it, hopefully, we can have Brazil and Japan im the future…

  13. would pass on that one. unlike sprocket, the point is even more about management or engineering than shooting, even if you mentioned manual control as an expected feature. i do not want to spend even less time on the action for the sake of a company.

    the look is very well refined tho. i almost want to sit on a comfy chair right behind that desk. i also have some serious medal of honor vibes when looking at these rooms brimming with life.
    not to mention how some of the imagery is pretty reminiscent of world of tanks. seeing this on such a juvenile game reminds me of the time when i first discovered world of tanks still in its debut, back when no one worried about greed over fun. how nostalgic.

  14. Heroes and Generals (strategy part) type of multiplayer would really suit this game. You would create tanks tank units along with other players and you would battle over europe sending in reinforcements…

  15. Microprose? Last game I knew they made was Mechcommander 1….and that game is from…what? 1997? Still love it to.

  16. Now we just need some one to make a game like this but with planes and everything will be perfect

  17. is this going to be another free 2 play cluster f**k?

  18. God, I wish someone with extra nine grand added an Iron Kaput design. Failed Zusu exterminator would work wornderfully as a Germany's Interbellum secret prototype.

  19. Are you sure this isn't propaganda to promote the military industrial complex?

  20. Hopefully it’s not a steaming fucking pile of goddamn trash like wot

  21. Me: "I don't know, i don't trust Kickstarter sinc-"
    -"The publisher is MicroProse"

  22. I would like more war-related games like this where you take a role as a backstage hand or logistic. Getting a bit numb to be in the middle of action now, and since I know more and more about how important of those people who work behind the frontline, I just want to experience and learn more about it.

  23. It's a tycoon game….
    It's not a cheap mobile rip off.
    I N V E S T.

  24. So essentially a War thunder & sprocket but with extra stuff to do? Sounds like a pretty ambitious and a good possibility to make it into the level of fame as WoT and WT had

  25. Well now I'm a corporal again, I hope to be promoted soon 😉

  26. Eh.. skeptical.

    The "armor design" seems very basic, and cookiecutter.

  27. Seems to me you just plonk already existing part from real tanks together, or are there alternative parts?

  28. Time to build the KV-1 double barrel 57mm!

  29. Sprocket with simplified designing, and gameplay like automation

  30. Something that feels a bit off for me is the tank creation — if it's just sets of parts to slap together, there can only ever be one or maybe two "right" answers for any chassis because that's all that exists. Obviously it is very early, but with the mkV chassis as shown here, really your only option would be to decide on having zero, one, or two casemates on the tank.

  31. It's a tycoon game, AND a tank game??? Shut up and take my money.

  32. I'd have more respect if they just made it early access on steam

  33. I think it'd be interesting to be able to choose who you sell to, as well.

  34. Hey Cone. WIll you look at Hearts of Iron 4's new tank designer? While it doesn't give you the ability to specifically put an 88mm on your tank. There are various things you c an do with it.

  35. So for all the goals it will be 1 million to 2 million dollars and that’s to get the basic country’s is a $500,000 min. 😑 Enjoyed the demo but I don’t like that how it went from 10,000 to $45,000 just to get Germany. I think that’s a bit much and $30,000 is less shady.

  36. Do you know when sandbox mode will be released

  37. @ConeOfArc I played World of Tanks from 2011 till 2020 and August last year I finally Terminated my World of Tanks account as I was so tired by the Toxicity of that game and that it proudly breeds it so here is my Question to you on this new game…….what will the devs do to stop any and all kinds of toxicity from starting and breeding in that game as it has in World of Tanks.

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