9 New Premium Tanks in Holiday Ops 2024 Loot Boxes | World of Tanks - panicarts.com

9 New Premium Tanks in Holiday Ops 2024 Loot Boxes | World of Tanks

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World of Tanks Type 63, New Tier 8 Japanese Heavy Tank with Gun Cooling Mechanic. Holiday Ops 2024 New Loot Box Tank Review. World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2024 Full Event Guide – Holiday Ops 2024 Loot Boxes, Free Gift Tank, Rewards and More.
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WG has finally officially revealed all the new content coming from the Holiday Ops 2024 loot boxes. This includes 9 brand new premium tanks, 4 of which are tier 8 and 9, new 3D styles and more! Let’s take a look at it!

What do you think?

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  1. I have not played with any of them, so have no idea how any of the new tanks work, but stay tuned for the future when we test them out! What do you think?Also, comeback code: If you have not logged in for 30 days (or maybe your 2nd or 3rd account on other servers), then use my code: MKBODEZGAMEZ23 | This gets you my Dez Nutz commander with special voice-over, premium days, consumables, X5 missions and other goodies on the top. Simple links to activate code, links will bring you straight into WoT's code redeeming site: EU server: https://tinyurl.com/pmkz2hvz | NA server: https://tinyurl.com/3eakrf2u | ASIA server: https://tinyurl.com/ycy6emra

  2. A couple of styles look absolute garbage – especially the hot rod – Hot Wheelz anyone?

  3. Finally the AE Phase 1 is getting some love. Although I really would have liked if WG made the Phase 1 style from the Terminator event trailer

  4. Please someone tell Skill Vinnie Jones is not an actor but a football player like Paulas Breitneras the old commie.

  5. No light, no medium, except the stinky Brit. I'm a little disappointed. This will be a slightly cheaper Christmas for me this year.

  6. OK I was never a big fan of skins. But holy moly, the hot rod style is something I can dig for.
    Hope they bring more of those. if they can make fantasy Tanks then they should also bring some fantasy skins.

  7. I like that all of the tanks being offered this year are new. It means you will get a new tank. Though it also means you will likely get WAY less gold than normal. The EBR style looks cool, but very out of place. I really dig the AE Phase 1 style though.

  8. I'm afraid of the actual PRICE of the boxes, this year (for us in LATAM). ='(

  9. this american TD looks like Dad of Astron rex ;p

  10. instat of that Ebr Stil they should have made that Playmouse Stil

  11. Lol that EBR Monster is all i want for WoT Christmas lol

  12. When I see these new skins I instantly want to uninstall the game…. This is ridiculous.

  13. OUCH ! MY WALLET !!! MY POOR, DEFENSELESS WALLET !!! … War Gaming, Have You No Shame ?!?!

  14. Not interesting at all. Ebr style is only cool thing but not worth spending $$ and coming back.

  15. The lack of filler premium tanks in the boxes concern me since that's how I make my stockpile of gold for the year. Did the drop rate on the 4 get a slight in increase to compensate?

  16. I love the mysterious man in a hoodie. All he needs is a curtain and we could call him THE WIZARD.

  17. German arty 3D camo finally 🙂

  18. That "hot rod" style is the beginning of the end of WoT being a legitimate "tanker" game. May as well just have ridiculous "cars with cannons" running about. Next lootbox grab may as well have a style for the EVEN90 make it look like a VW beetle with a ladybug paintjob with a cannon out the front.

  19. Ebr looks like a hot rod from the 1950s or 60s in the USA

  20. the hot rod ebr is sporting bias ply tires get ready to hold on to that wheel in a high speed turn!

  21. I'm not even going to attempt to do holiday ops this year. Last year it burnt me out and quite frankly I haven't been playing at all. Anyway thanks Dez for the updates, I'll probably just use your code and I'll keep staying away from the game lol

  22. imagine the heavy Type 61 with hydropneumatic suspension.

  23. Get the type 63 down to .22 dispersion with full crew and equipment. WTF. It should hit postage stamps from 1k meters.

  24. Object 752 seems like a hybrid between Obj 257 and Emil II. The gun handling is awful, but the armor is pretty troll (especially hiding cupulas by aiming upwards).

  25. Bro tbh wtf is that it looks so faking good

  26. All The new skins suck. I just want tanks.

  27. so are those the only tier8/9s in the boxes or are there older ones too?

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