9 New Premium Tanks in Holiday Ops 2024 Loot Boxes | World of Tanks - panicarts.com

9 New Premium Tanks in Holiday Ops 2024 Loot Boxes | World of Tanks

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World of Tanks Type 63, New Tier 8 Japanese Heavy Tank with Gun Cooling Mechanic. Holiday Ops 2024 New Loot Box Tank Review. World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2024 Full Event Guide – Holiday Ops 2024 Loot Boxes, Free Gift Tank, Rewards and More.
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WG has finally officially revealed all the new content coming from the Holiday Ops 2024 loot boxes. This includes 9 brand new premium tanks, 4 of which are tier 8 and 9, new 3D styles and more! Let’s take a look at it!

What do you think?

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  1. They really twerked the type 63 on us

  2. I think the EBR skin should only be visible to the tanker himself. I don't like the idea of shooting him in the mirror or through the glass and it not being counted.

  3. Be cool if they put content creators commanders in loot boxes.

  4. Will there be a adventcalendar with tanks for gold?

  5. is there a limit for how many boxes you can buy? and what does these boxes cost you? dies anybody now? i'm a new player and freaking hyped for this event😂😅

  6. I haven't spent a penny on WoT for Years! And I have No intention too ever again! Game is nothing but Rigged battles now!
    And I would put money on it that War Gaming's claims about how many players there are playing this game is total BS!

  7. lol so you only get 1 tank every 50 boxes.. nice scam WG.

  8. I just want that amazing 3d skin for S.Conq… Last year 160 boxes and it didn't drop 🙁 I don't even care about the tanks at this point, just gimme that skin 🥵

  9. Wil be like 200 euro's plus for 200 boxes i think like last year

  10. The EBR 3D hot rod style is ridiculous, and I love it.

  11. No tanks I intend to keep. I see them as gold equivalent. They're either be getting me more gold when I roll a duplicate or I'll be using them to trade in for other/better tanks at the next tank trade in.

  12. Well, now the EBR realy becomes an armored car

  13. Oh look another Russian Heavy Tank….who would have guessed it….

  14. i will play a few games
    but a hard pass on spending money on this game

  15. I'm going to have to turn off camos to play now… not a great direction with the skins

  16. WG going to rape your wallet without using lube too as tradition

  17. I hate these kind of 3d styles. They will ruin the game by making this game a toon game by having these styles. WG should keep this game real and bring real tanks more than these ugly styles. I m thinking to switch to warthunder.. I play this game cuz tanks looked real. This game is doomed now.

  18. Man I want those damn 3d skins for the char and ebr. I got 200 boxes last year and got all but the char skin.

  19. No BZ, no money for WG.


  20. i hate the ebr style because it make the game feel less

  21. Last year styles were waayyy better. The best 3D styles are EBR (and maybe AE phase cuz its unique) I. E 75 already has a style and there are still many T10s that could use various styles Imo. Instead WG gave us 3 Tier9s and 1 Tier10 not counting arty. Also Cobra has more like a 2Dstyle. Absolutely not a fan. I think this is a bit lazy considering WG could have made 4-5 sick looking 3Dstyles for Tier10s. The only really cool style we have now is EBR and thats it. Btw its not even a realistic one but one of those cartoonish styles of which many people are not fans to begin with

  22. Hell No !!! Not one single box this year for me and decided that few months ago. Since I decided to do WoT Plus because of the equipment and it is worth it(IMO). So now WG you dont get any more of my money since you didnt add a prem light tank(8) 😉

  23. No pay2win bz176 no reason to buy loot boxes

  24. i hate all these new tanks because it shows war game give zero f s about how their game works for lower tier player try to grind there way up make all these tank seal clubbers .. get get stupid let make tanks that screw the people that ground there way to teir ten an now have in effective tanks vs our pay to win players .. sick of this thinking pay to get op

  25. the ebr style is stupid , if i wanted to play cars ,i would play need for speed or some shit
    also too many styles !!! it reduces the chances of getting a tank !!
    and what if i get a style for cobra ? i dont have cobra !!!

  26. Aaaanddd i dont like the hyper fake 3d styles…

  27. THANKS DEZ !! Don't look like anything to OP so far… So that's a Good thing 🙂 Couple of the Skins a little out there lol But that don't hurt game And people that do like non-historical looks can turn them off in settings … So far looks OK will see how the Gold/Credits/Premium Days works out compared to last year… Time will tell !!

  28. And you put this arrow anyway! Dez, do we need to have a serious talk? 😂

  29. The XM66F seems to be just American version of the Italian TDs in the Minatauro line. I don't mind that, as it's not OP.

  30. first year in 5 years im not spending a cent…. Asia server is busted for about half of the players. WG rolled new server back to old HK one and still won't even admit its their issue. They need to fix before i spend anything again.

  31. I'll just play my BZ over the holidays

  32. World of Tanks has turned into World of Tanks Blitz. It seems like they are hurting so bad in the Western Market Americas server because barely anyone plays anymore that they are trying anything and everything to draw attention in the West and bring back Veteran retired players together with new players. Guess what WG it will not Work. That American Muscle car style for EBR will not work in bringing US players back. Had you listened to your community on other more important things you would not have lost so many players. But no you didnt listen. These Boxes have nothing that attracts me at all. No thanks wargaming.

  33. Looking forward to the XM66f not really bothered about the rest

  34. I will bet everything I own Im getting the useless GSOR 1010 first

  35. Claus will have fun with the EBR style, it might even blow his mind.

  36. sigh

    I hate you, Wargaming.

    All your BS, and you slap a hot rod skin on an EBR and I didn't even know I needed it.

    BUT, SERIOUSLY… can my 53/55 have a cool style yet???? PLEASE?

  37. so they finally introducing the 752 that's been in blitz for awhile

  38. Premium tanks at tier 2 to tier 9… not gonna happen with tier 6 and 7

  39. Ah yes, I remember when I bought my first car, I went to the car dealer and paid for the loot boxes, I got a lot of things and equipment sitting in my garage, but I'm the proud owner of a Fiat and a Lada wich i get from loot boxes, next year I'm buying a boat, but be careful, I won't go and buy it, but I will drown my joy in life again through loot boxes, why buy what I need when I can get what I don't need

  40. no CHAR MLE 75!? ah and all i want is that tank. Skin for EBR 105 is NOT for WOT but some other game, in time this all leads to something else than it was earlyer,i do not like it,tanks that looks like from anime game. pffff. I Think previous year was much better tanks

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