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Since I love flight and mech games I just made a list..
here are my top 50 PS1 mech/flight/tank games of all time a lot of them were underrated and hidden gems hope this video helps for people who are looking for best mech/flight/tank games for the PS1.

There are still plenty of PS1 flight games that are not on the list due to I just need to make it 50 but if you will ask me for #51 spot that would be Top Gun Fire At Will.


  1. Blast Radius: though maybe not quite as visually detailed as the Colony Wars series, it still does have good visuals for the genre from the console's technological proposition and is the only PS1 title that supports 2-P multiplayer story campaign using the PS1 Serial I/O system-link.

  2. Colony Wars was a great visual experience and the first two titles of the series made great use of the SCPH-1110 Sony Analog Joystick…. 😑😐🤔 IIRC, controller mapping scheme #4 or #5 comes to mind when the SCPH-1110 is plugged in and shown on screen. 🍻

  3. If you can wing it (pun intended), experience the full effects of Ace Combats 2 & 3 with nothing less than the SCPH-1110 Sony Analog Joystick set to HOTAS mapping via the game's controller menu (don't forget to do the calibration)… I only ever controlled the aircraft from fhe 1st-person point of view after having plugged in that controller = much more immersive… If you're not Japanese-speaking, download AC3's English fan translation patch of the 2-disc Japanese version before starting AC3 to receive all the character, plot and RPG efforts the Japanese audience received.
    🤔 To mitigate the sting of the purchase, the controller will also work for the 6 degrees of freedom in the Descent titles (both titles which also Serial I/O system-link together a pair of PS1s for various 2-P modes of the maps used in the campaign),.Shadow Master, the first two Colony Wars titles, MechWarrior 2, Treasures of The Deep, Castrol Honda Superbike Racing and others on PS1 as well as almost a requirement for PS2's Rebel Raiders: Operation Nighthawk (another aerial combat RPG like Ace Combat) so, i.e., you can weave through canyons without contacting the cliff faces. It also can work with XGIII: Extreme G Racing. 🍻👍

  4. Had so much entertainment from the lineup of Nuclear Strike, Soviet Strike and Future Cop: L.A.P.D. – the last of which originally began as a sequel in the Strike series and has decent 2-P splitscreen modes.

  5. Polyphony Digital should be doing so much more with Omega Boost IP if they can expand beyond their Gran Turismo development cycles.

  6. Star Trek: Invasion … Have it but haven't yet played it enough… Appearances are good though.

  7. WDL – Thunder Tanks is as good as it can get on the PS1 but, if you can experience the PS2 version, it's much better there and also supports more players – up to 4. The visuals and framerate for WDL – Thunder Jets follows the same.

  8. Wargames is a good port supporting 2-P diagonal splitscreen. 👍Your team vehicles can exhibit difficulty navigating long distances if you request AI back-up support from far away or via a route with bottle-necks on the topography if you don't switch over to drive them yourself. Also reminds me of the fun had on 2-player Future Cop: L.A.P.D. …Simpler and, yet, still fun times brought on from creativity spurred from within the bounds of the tech. at the time.

  9. Been a while since we chatted in the comments, KendoFox. Nevertheless, "thank you" for these reminders in your upload. 👍 Good pickings. It triggering some plans for retrieving most of these CD jewel cases from the lineup and stacking them up next to the PS1 for some nostalgia this weekend. 🍻

  10. omg i played treasure of the deep it was so scary there was like one shipwreck and there was like giant snake or eel inside and when u get close it jump out of shipwreck and hurts u and that was so scary for me when i was a kid i was always avoiding that shipwreck lol 😀

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