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41 Kills In One Game! – Highest Kill Record! – War Machines! – imjusbetter

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Imjusbetter playing war machines tank shooting game, best app for iphone.


  1. I don't have tournament bronze medal but if I have dimond as need can I buy this tank.please answer me bro🙂🙂🙂

  2. Very nice man! But let’s be frank, it’s a pay to win game. You maxed on your decal and pattern, you’ve got tons of different ammo and top of that you used 3 missile storms. So what’s so unique about your play? Oh and almost forget you most probably did this challenge outside war time, which means most tanks won’t use patterns and decals…as shown in your vid. But if it makes you happy and feel special…

  3. Yes because your tank is strong but my kill in chaffe is 47!!!!!! You can do it?????

  4. They ran away like a mice😂😂😂

  5. How much did everything cost all together

  6. Lol don't worry I will beat your score my highest is 12 WITHOUT DECEAL

  7. You know why you got those darn kills is because you have amor of 100 percent shit… No worry's I'll get that kill

  8. U r unbelievable I can’t play like u no matter how much I play and how I made General lol but still I believe u r the best

  9. Winning the T2 championship as we speak but everyone saying this is pay to win is right but not really. You spend $5-10 and you’re set for a good time. People need to quit whining and get a job.

  10. You are so good at this game. What is your secret?

  11. try it without any paid for add ons or you will expose yourself

  12. This has been a great game only the last two months the game has been fucking up will not let me play a full game it stops letting me play or stops shotin the middle of the game has been a great game and not letting me finish the game go back to the game at the start like l hadn't even started yet what's going on with this game play , I'm handdy capped don't have e-mail or anyother way to release stresses and help me with not being able to get out and walk can't go very far with falling with in 65 feet !!!

  13. Good run man….but I have noticed in a lot of my games including yours is that over half of the tanks were bots. Notice how they only hit you with a single shot, and that's if they even shoot at you. The game adds them to fill the session especially when people drop out, they are also replaced by a bot to keep the session full.

  14. Can someone give me his I'd. , 🙃🙂🙃🙂

  15. You should sign up as tank pilot voluntary to ukranian. See if you have luck there

  16. Man I just started playing this game love it I'm at level 4 but my tanks are not even close to your tank .😢😂

  17. Look the only reason he gets 41 kills is because he plays up agents bots that’s all that was on the field and every tank has no armor he is the only C1 just a bunch of hog wash guarantee he only got that high kill rate look at the tanks he’s going up agents bots he was the only actual human player….

  18. You dont really have to duck it out with no one, that heavily armored 1 shot tank, where is the competition

  19. Are you using a controller? I'm looking for one that works with an Ipad. Any recommendations?

  20. Вы с ПК или Телефона играете ?

  21. I’ll make you lose heathcliff deshawn fan YouTuber guy.

  22. Excellent turret control, THAT makes a big difference. I've been playing since February '23 now at tier 6 and yes, I have spent some cash to get here. Love this game!

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