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3v1! Ruler CHEAT! (Shellshock Live)

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Today we bring back the TROLLING RULER in Shellshock Live!
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🤖 Sigils:

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  1. "siglls siglls wanna touch a python no i hate snakes" that cracked me up bro

  2. Can you go out to public record a video selling the aimbot roller the making one again

  3. I laughed at the part Ryan went WHAAAAAATTTTT!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Bifflewiffle is dead and sundee is still shooting at him

  5. Sandy challenge on speaker next time for this

  6. I'm the only person that spoken in 2022

  7. It makes me laugh thank you every morning

  8. why do didn't get a mod for a aimbot ruler

  9. Ssundee: goggle never talk to me again

    (A few years later

    Ssundee: goggle call 911

    Google: you said to never talk to you so no

    Ssundee: (dies)

  10. It’s so cool how you do the Roller keep the vids up 🙂

  11. I can’t tell if this game is a rip off of tank stars or tank stars is a rip off of this game.

  12. hey ssundee do a modded hardcore sierise plssssss

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