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3D OpenGL Tank Game

Tung Nguyen
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My first game written in C++ using OpenGL and GLUT.
After doing some game in XNA 2D, I want to learn 3D programming. I chose openGL to start with and have made this game demo in 1 week.
Simple particle system tutorial:
Edit: This game is built with the old OpenGL fixed function pipeline, please check my newer version of Tank Game with much better graphics implemented with GLSL:


  1. woooow nice design and the idea is nice too could you please send all the source code for this game ? i would like to learn how it works and how to make like this tank games. thank you ! my Email: mr.ahmad.m.h@gmail.com

  2. Real nice game, would it be possible to get the source code so I can gain greater knowledge in OpenGL ? I won't use any of the code, and if I would like to I will return to here and ask you? 😀 Good Job!

  3. @FAB3Production: Thanks for your support, sure, sent me your email address, I will send you the source code

  4. @mtung05 Thanks very much! I sent it in private mail (:

  5. Wow! i like it! It's great!! I'm opengl newbie and i'd like to learn more about game programming. Could you send me the source code?? thanks!

  6. Woow. Great job. I've only made 3d snake so far which doesn't work on another computers 😀

  7. ธีศิษฎ์ จ้อยบำรุง says:

    nice job Could you send your code [email protected] I would like to play your game and learn about the algorithm

  8. That is nicely done! How did you do the particle effect?

  9. Hi, thank you. There are plenty of online tutorials on particle system. Mine is a very simple one. You can check out the link in the video description for an example.

  10. I'm currently stuck in learning OpenGL because after reading first few chapters of Red Book, I had realized everything in there was deprecated. But managed to make my first graphical game-snake with it yesterday : )
    Looking at SFML in the meantime.

  11. I ll send you an inbox message with my email, I interested in your source code as well.

  12. Hey do you still have your source code?
    I'd like to have it 🙂

  13. Wow great!! How many lines of code did you need to make this, and about how many hours did it take?

  14. I am trying to make a game similar to battle city but was unable to track the motion of the bullets so can you send me the source code. Email: [email protected]. Thanking you.

  15. nowadays,i am trying to study opengl and make a game with opengl.i really like your tank game,so can you send me the source code.My email:[email protected] saw you have reply other people that you will upload the source to git hub,but i don‘t know how to find it.Maybe you can give me some information.Thank you very much!!

  16. I know this is quite old, but it is still quite awesome. I'm one of those developers that loves watching vids of other peoples games where they explain how they made it.

  17. Love the vector graphics look. Takes me back to the days of Battlezone in t he arcades. 🙂

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    Em cảm ơn anh.

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