2014-2023 WoT Blitz #wotblitz #game #wot #wotgameplay #tank #wotb #gameplay #besttank #gaming - panicarts.com

2014-2023 WoT Blitz #wotblitz #game #wot #wotgameplay #tank #wotb #gameplay #besttank #gaming

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  1. and later there was this stupid division into different servers…

  2. Bro now me Tank companiy
    World of tank D E L E T!😔

  3. i miss the old training field and my old friends including my world best friend i ever met in that game in 2017 since i lost my oldest and first account i ever made in that game…

  4. Everything was good back then and now they just kept nerfing tanks and making it unfair also why win rate exist it's about how you play to win not use your luck to win

  5. I remember playing on my dads account when i was 6 in 2015, the good ol days.

  6. I miss the old low-tier light tank lines before they removed them. The Luchs was by far the strongest tank I’ve ever played.

  7. Miss you 2017 🙁

    Blitz will never be the same 😭😭😭😭💔😔

    WG pls bring old blitz back

  8. Spaceflight Simulator /Thailand 🇹🇭 says:

    is not 2017-2019 is 2017-2021

  9. Bro I remember having a goal to get the m26 piershing but never finsihed😢

  10. I remember the tutorial, it was so nostalgic seeing it again

  11. Переломный момент в истории игры это обновление 5.5…

  12. in the last frame, the tank on which I had pain every time

  13. Всем привет кто смотрит на комментарии то подпишите на мой канал

  14. Umm blitz back tge was far more worst tgan today tge one we have now is better so fcking appriciate it

  15. Yo empecé a jugar cuando salió el juego y tenía como 10 años 🥺

  16. По графону изменений мало, сравните с танк компани у негов разы лучше графика

  17. Back when wargaming was a free 2 play, no battlepass and no 300 dollar christmas snow globes

  18. What's wrong to changing the graphics i mean would you stay on pixel graphics on a game that improve

  19. I'm join in 2020 and why I got old tutorials

  20. Anyone remember the mk1 from 2016? Peak wot blitz

  21. been playing since 2016 and quit the game back in 2021, they ruined the game and it doesn’t feels the same it used to unfortunately, im War Thunder player now

  22. I’ll never forgive them for how the nerfed the SU 85b

  23. Back in 2019, I made one wotb account, and I had a lot of memories, I was also accidentally in a yt video with that account, and i lost it at some time in 2020. I found it just today!!
    Made my day!

  24. I miss the old wot blitz tutorial I was happy when I'm playing the tutorial and now I miss I want to go back 😢😢😢😢😢😢

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