13K Damage with E 100: Epic 1 VS 8 Showdown, Will He Win? | World of Tanks - panicarts.com

13K Damage with E 100: Epic 1 VS 8 Showdown, Will He Win? | World of Tanks

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World of Tanks, WoT, 1.21.0 patch

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    How much did the loss cost?

  2. If i would had a game like this since 2013😂😅i would be hapy like a kid 😂…of course i have 30k games(gyurka001) in the game😅

  3. I'd tried HE against the fartable E-100. Would it be any good?

  4. This is why I consider it still one of the best tier 10s. You just gota know your angles. And the big gun is best cause its all about the trades before angling again.

  5. Masterful game…but this will be my last wacthing for a while. I had to uninstall again…I hate whats happening to the North American Server

  6. Holy bananas from banana land that was painful to watch,, well played by the E100 tho

  7. This happens when you pay wot plus subscription, you get paid actors, i can't say bots cuz that would be an insult for bots. That skoda and char futur 4 worst paid actors ever 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ and the worst part is that kind o players always are in my team….i hope they see this replay and see how stupid and idiots are some players…..HE ftw.

  8. I won a 5 on 1 in a type five heavy on one hp

  9. That Char-Futur was not there mentally at the end XD

  10. …and what we also learned from this video:
    "greedy" is the new word for "dumb as hell"
    Thanks Skill – made my day 😉

  11. How can you suck this much… That char, you have more hit points then even a E100 with a absolute bingo roll spamming gold can hit you for, so you have the speed, you circle strafe him and empty your clip up his behind… And he fails to penetrate a full clip from the front… This right here is why i prefer watching over playing.

  12. Thx arty without you we were witnesses of dream game of all e100 players.

  13. i want see what was happening at enemy chat….

  14. he has mailand as commander on the e100 😍

  15. Skill Will you react on my game with s conq 11.6K dmg 3 kills ?

  16. in most games people are casual players, some time tourists. In this game they were all paid actors.

  17. E100 is my first tier X tank but this player play with it like absolute boss that angling is professional out of this world like Skill says GG win is deserved for this battle.

  18. Epic in a game With selective RNG, a manipulating matchmaker with pay to win outcomes.

  19. I search for this player stats and did not find him. Clearly superunicum player by playstyle…but where is raidenchan???cant find him

  20. I swear if anyone whines about gold spam and how it's "ez bc noob press 2 automatic win"…

  21. I had a game like this in T95, me against 5

  22. Why didn't anyone think about shooting HE? I know that you might do no damage from time to time because of the armor but if you do damage, then it should be enough with a few shots.

    And also, why didn't Char think of flanking the E100? It has a lot more mobility and can easily flank

    But other than that I have to admit that the E100 player is very good when it comes to using angles in order to bounce shots.

  23. Enemy all bot? Char only go to behind E100, no only shot to side … noobs 🤣

  24. So who was playing with the E 100 tank!!?

  25. Thats shows how stupid players we have in WOT!!!

  26. i think the breakpoint is char, he didnt took one for the team and bumbumbum clip.

  27. Enemy team went full trololol at the end. Still this guy made some great plays but the enemy team was really stupid lol.

  28. Imagine if they knew HE existed 😂💀♿♿

  29. I noticed his MoE was low…..he just started playing this tank, wow.

  30. Kinda shows the game's current state that ONLY 1 out of 8 guys had some brain from enemy team… :/

  31. He is good player, bud he has so much luck, soooooo much luck… 1vs8 idiots… Pure luck…

  32. 3PX clan member… Then no surprise regarding his skills !

  33. Love this tank, when using gun depression the armor can work even better.

  34. Why fucking idiots enemy team? Lucky e100 player .

  35. I didn't see any skill here, I've seen the beginners in the enemy team who don't know using HE ammo when it is needed.
    Strv, Char, Skoda etc. were full noobs.

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