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10 Best Tank Games That Let You Destroy Anything

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Tank games are an important part of the gaming market, catering to a pretty large audience and offering the thrill of combat from a totally different perspective. Whether you are more of a strategy type of player or a full blown action kind of guy, there is a tank game suited for each and every player and we hope that this video will convince you of this aspect. So, without further ado, let us dive into ten of the best tank games of all time.


  1. wot was a good game for 2 years then it disappear down the toilet wrong player base and over priced considering who you playing with, its more like Mario game now pile of shit

  2. Thanks for the list of alternative tanks games I can play.

    looks at all other comments only talking about WoT and WT Really??

  3. And yet in only one of these do the tanks truly feel like they have weight. In company of heroes the tanks are a big deal and change the battle field. But even in CoH: They don’t feel like your in a steel behemoth weighing many tons.

  4. Steel beasts kharkov panzer front panzer elite panzer commander.

  5. Haha wot is free to play hahaha nice joke 👍

  6. Panzer Front on PS1. The most adrenaline infused game I've ever played in my life…… my whole body was absolutely drenched in adrenaline. Though you need to go into settings and tinker all of the options to their most difficult to replicate this effect. All options on hard. Manual gears. Long reload times. MANIC.

  7. can you wt fanboys learn to shut the fuck up we dont care if your game isnt number 1 or youre game is better we know its your damn opinion just fuck off

  8. Armored Warfare, War Thunder and World of Tanks … in this order.

  9. World of Tanks is HP game but War Thunder is Realistick game

  10. World of tanks blitz should have been in there some where😦

  11. Wot is about 2 things

    1. isu 152

  12. wot is out dated….and still working with ( I can shoose 3 routes liniar crap maps)…plus they deleted maps as wel….no game producer does that…I am hoping for something good to come out….or Illl get back to AW….Or WT….dunno yet

  13. I asked my little brother what is the games that hes playing and he said

    "its armored aces,its cool its so realistic"

    Can someone tell me if that game is realistic, im not lying

  14. WOT or “RACING TANKS”🤣😂! Seriously….looks stupid ( and it is). War Thunder is the better.

  15. The thing i don’t like about war thunder is about its graphics
    Its because in, Tank realistically, Tank arcade, Tank simulator, the game is more warm/yellow

  16. Forgot about world of tanks Blitz, its playable on pc and mobile now for some reason…

  17. aormord warfair is ded annd who cares it only had 6k players

  18. is IL2 Tank crew any good for a modern tank sim?

  19. Okay, but which of these have singleplayer? I know World Of Tanks doesn't, but I have no clue about the others. I just want to play something that is WoT, but with the added fun of not having other players (AKA, the worst part of multiplayer games that isn't microtransactions), and the ability to play it when there's no wifi.

  20. Great tank games list. I will download & play them.

  21. Where's tank off ??? The best tank off game to me until now

  22. WOT is best for sure kids..BUT its EXPESIVE so get over it lolw…

  23. I`m a war thunder player , i have 2 years of this game , i quit WoT for this after i played 5 years, War thunder bring now helicopters so if u are a tank lover u cant play anymore because Helicopters can kill u so easy from the sky and u cant do nothing but nothing against!!!!!!!!!! I hate War Thunder now and i cant go back to WoT because i gived away to my brother my account, i can take his account but he has only 1 tank tier X , so fck , i dont wanna grind so much time again 🙂

    But i wanna say: ______________FUCK War Thunder________________

  24. WORLD OF TANKS is the best game for ww2 and close to modern tanks and prototypes

  25. Dont go for world of tanks. The gameplay u see in the video is just a video. The actual game is a pain. Pay to win. Absolut pay to win

  26. The best realistic tank game is RO 2

  27. World of Tanks is shit , I had played for 8 years.They created OP tanks then sell it for 60-100$ then they can not nerf their shits but they nerf non paid tanks , so you are just potato against prem tanks. They are shit, developers are idiot. If your tank just touch the rock then you can flip, then they call it physics. I m nuclear engineer shit, I never see this kind of shit.

  28. Are any of these single player ?)
    Just wanna chill and drive some tanks

  29. WOT probably is the best, and I actually play this game since 2013. The game play still good at that time, really easy to grind from tier 1 to tier 6. But later, after I don't have a time to play the game and come back in 2016, the game just like not fun at all like the last time I played. The thing about this change is more overpower tank. But that's not really a big issue since if we teamed up with the same tank. The biggest problem is, so many unskilled player that using high tier tank, so they don't know how to use it and how to pen other tank and dead instantly. After that, you should carry the game so hard with the result not win at all. So the player is the problem of this game, not the OP tank since I still could penetrate VK100 from his cupola with my inaccurate IS-3.

  30. What about Tank Force? I LOVE Tank Force!!

  31. Panzer elite action my favourite game but did you see this tiger tank? It havent got turret it bug was only on laptops

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