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10 Best Tank Games That Let You Destroy Anything

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Tank games are an important part of the gaming market, catering to a pretty large audience and offering the thrill of combat from a totally different perspective. Whether you are more of a strategy type of player or a full blown action kind of guy, there is a tank game suited for each and every player and we hope that this video will convince you of this aspect. So, without further ado, let us dive into ten of the best tank games of all time.


  1. Did this dude really put wot waay ahead of war thunder?? I mean, not that surprising when you take in the consideration that he counts games like bf and man of war "tank" games lmao

  2. War Thunder is way better than world of tanks and that's not just opinion, that's facts. Anyone who otherwise obviously sucks that bad at W.T and cant hack the more "realistic" gameplay that W.o.T will never be able to achieve. W.o.T is for little kids

  3. we need a new tank game other than fuck tard WOT (done with it) AW, WT…What i would like to see is an WW2 based tank game, (like IL2 Tankcrew) bud…no simulator based complicated controled tanks….easy to drive shoot aim…(like in bastard WOT) bud on a much larger scale (IL2 tank) realistic sounds,ranges up to 1000/2000 meters…no spotting system (wot) (AW)….cuz its retarded..SOMETHING NEW….realistic…bud not complicated with larger maps 100×100 sqr km??

  4. WoT is perfect…if it wasn’t for 3 min battles that are about as realistic as me kissing a super model.

  5. War thunder is garbage, you can’t have any fun on it without spending continuous money. That’s all it’s set up for, to scam you👌

  6. One of my favorites from years back was Steel Panthers. Damn that was a lot of fun to play.

  7. Is there any tank simulation like the original "Panzer Elite" (NOT Panzer Elite Action!)? This to me was the best tank simulation I have ever played. And it is ca. 20 years old! Same with submarine-simulations. To me Aces Of The Deep with its dynamic campaign still ist the best after nearly 30 years! On the second place Silent Service 2, which now 30 years old! Or SWOTL as a WW2 flight simulator also with a dynamic campaign. Those games were "user-friendly" but hard to master. I miss those kind of games. Today you get action-orientated games on the one hand and over complicated hardcore simulations on the other hand. I miss those times when "simulations were for everyone", complex, but not too complicated. The good old times with companies like Microprose (Silent Service 1 & 2, Gunship and Gunship 2000, Airborne Ranger, a kind of predessecor to a game like Delta Force, which itself is nearly 25 years old!, and so on…. .) or SSI (the great Panzer General Series, they also were responsible for some games of the Close Combat series. Even Silent Hunter wasn't bad, although in my opinion not as good as Aces Of The Deep, Fighting Steel and the other simulations with WW2-battleships and cruisers and so on…), Sierra On Line (… the "Aces"-Series with Aces Of The Deep, Aces Over Europe, Aces Of The Pacific, Red Baron…)… . I miss those "good old days". Even "simulations" made by smaller companies sometimes were really good (… does anyone remember "Team Yankee", a tank simulation in which you would command ca. 20 armoured fighting vehicels in four groups?)… .

  8. I was sold on Steel Beast, War Thunder, steel armor blase due to being very few games that make you feel like a real tanker admits a battle.

  9. why is the world of tanks cinematic so cartoony lol

  10. M1 Tank Platoon on the Amiga was excellent.

  11. There is another tank game called Battle Tanks, legends of World War 2. Not got the graphics of Amored Warfare but playable.

  12. 0:49 Call if duty world at war had a tank mission same as of this environment and tanks(but even more beautiful in graphics).

  13. dont play world of tanks and war thunder if you want to have a good day

  14. "Panzer Front Ausf.B" is one of the best tank games i have ever seen!

  15. 1:31 war thunder tests your patience all right

    It takes over a year of constant grinding without premium to get to top tier with most of the nations in the game

  16. world of tanks is fake, you don't skill aim but some crap aided aim shit

  17. you should have included T72: Balkans on Fire!

  18. Post Scriptum is best tank battles and it’s not even mentioned lol ok

  19. "War Thunder is a simulator"

    "dogs only have 2 legs"

  20. i do think wot is overrated, or at least shown off in this vid

  21. What is that game in the 1st intro that says Afrika Korps on the side?

  22. Both WoT and War Thunder started out nicely, but are unplayable garbage nowadays.

  23. World of tanks like wargaming is SHit mate warthunder decimates world of tanks work for wargaming much

  24. Well i like WoT PC and WT in my opinion and i can see both have pros and cons so I'm gonna tell here (this is just my experience and opinions so don't so rude ok)
    WoT PC
    + easy to understand game mechanics (except for spot and penetrations mechanics and also this is my opinion to)
    + use less brain cells to think how good of your tanks and gun
    + easy to gride tech tree
    + easy to control (also you can drift you tanks by press space bar and turn)
    + so many map and impressive map soundtrack (in my opinion) make game doesn't boring
    + have only 6 types of ammunition (easy to remember)
    + a lot of tanks (most of the tank that doesn't exist in battlefield were prototype , blueprints and WG fantastic tanks also there double barrel tank)
    + high graphic , effect and physics mechanics
    + have arty
    + have female crews voice
    + no need for modding Miho Nishizumi crew voice since they are Collab with GuP then you just wait them to sell PZ 4 Anko (but if you want another anime crews voice then you still need to find mod)
    + cool decoration for each tanks but you need to buy it with gold
    + HP and damages mechanics (if get shot you can retreat)
    + Consumables mechanics for repair or heal your crews
    + have many servers zones (good for Asia people like me also not worried about ping so much unless you are playing in another server that doesn't on your server zones)
    + one tank more than 1 play style (on some tech tree tanks)
    + space armour can bounce AP shell
    + changing to low graphic doesn't change game play (but make game get better performance)
    – HP , damages , consumables , aiming mechanics and since space armour can bounce AP shell make game unrealistic
    – arty and LT are so annoying
    – need to worry about premium shell spammer
    – some premium tank is too op
    – a lot of tanks are WG fantastic tanks
    – you need to learn "Six Senses" skill if not then you are doomed
    – if your teammates about 50% were sucks then you are doomed
    – f*ck why RNG is so bad
    – take more sizes than WT
    – can't use secondary cannon or secondary machine gun cuz it's just for decorates

    WT (ground battle)
    + very realistic
    + realistic aiming and shell velocity
    + you can bring planes in ground battle
    + have self propelled anti-air gun
    + have many tanks per series (for example a fking Sherman series)
    + all tanks are historical accurate
    + secondary guns and secondary machine gun can use to troll or make enemy die faster or make them more pain
    + have many functions and mechanics which it's make game in interesting
    + HE type of ammunition is more useful than WoT (except for HEAT both game HEAT rounds is useful equally)
    ++ less game sizes than WoT
    ++ have video or gif or whatever you call to show you how each ammunition work
    + 2021 now we got a tank with dozer
    ++ every vehicles have historically information in war thunder wiki and it's have more details than wargaming wiki
    + entire of your vehicle's armaments have different ammunition even secondary machine gun
    + you can research your tank upgrade and research new tank at same time
    + changing to low graphic is changing gameplay by you can see enemy easier
    + high graphic quality
    – since you can research your tank upgrade and research new tank at same time that's mean you will take a longer time to grind to higher rank or another tank in same faction same rank
    – some place's hit box isn't fun and it's make game a bit bad
    – since you can changing to low graphic to see enemy easier that means if enemy do that but you didn't well you're disadvantages
    – there are many tanks per series that's mean you'll meet same series of tank on different rank and it's quite boring
    – some hill that your should able to clime but it isn't
    – the game soundtrack is so boring
    – only 2 server zone (except for WT Japanese version that you can download in Dmm game) which basically F to me as Asia people
    – game function and ammunition take a while to remember
    – need worried about Derp , planes , SPAA (you know some SPAA can destroy HT) and 🅱️ESH
    – since it's realistic if you get shot and Driver or driving system down then you are doom and also enemy can snipe from 3 km like Kurst Knispel

  25. War Thunder is really realistic…

    But it's pain to get to the top tier in tech trees and getting Gaijined is a pain

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