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10 BEST HEROES to MAIN in Season 3 – TAKING OVER The Meta – Overwatch 2 Guide

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  1. If hod gets a kill within 1-2 sec after a hook, it should reset the CD. He is borderline useless now

  2. I like the guy who’s voicing this video bring him back more frequently please

  3. I only main reaper since 2016 no one else no matter what

  4. "To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong." —

  5. I have been maining Ashe since the start of OW2, and I am glad she stays in such a consistent place

  6. As a mercy player, Ive been enjoying Zen this season 🙂

  7. I’m a support main but have been picking up Ashe and she’s sm fun

  8. Just wondered your take, for me uninstalled the game. Apex Legends looking clean now.

  9. As a Mercy main I'm healing more but I'm not having a much fun.

  10. Ramattra’s “nerfs” really didn’t effect him much imo. Any aware team either insta kills him on runs away from his ult so it rarely goes infinite anyway. He is still my inta lock and is performing pretty well in this dive meta.

  11. I did not enjoy the video, CENTER YOUR FREAKING VOICE CHANNEL

  12. I d say Moira is great too in a dive environment, very elusive character shaking off divers while also being able to jump in with divers procuring heals and extra dmg as required. Zenyata is great at complimenting a dive comp but he's also easy pickings against wrecking ball. I tend to default to a moira/kiriko whenever there is a wrecking ball, I wish they'd give zen some sort of mobility buff

  13. Im a new player and i hate playing the same character more than 3 games in a row so im pretty bad with every character

  14. i really wanna learn wrecking ball cuz before his buff, i thought he was really cool but too underpowered, so i thought maining him was a bad idea

  15. i play support even though i dont enjoy it so maybe its time for ashe to shine again

  16. Hey can u do a guide for the best way to play sojourn in this season?

  17. How has zen got more ammo than Genji now 😭 on a real note tho when they stop clowning on Genji same with doom all of us Genji mains are gonna be too good and they're gonna nerf him again. I just want them to revert the changes they made because the old passive made him snowball too easily.

  18. Get those poons to open pool so I can play with my console homies

  19. Ashe mains rise up they nerfed ashe because of mercys damage boost nerf Damage boost it is destabilizing game balance

  20. Mercy is viable BECAUSE so many specialists play her. However, in the current state any dive or flank heros will kill her. Mercy is just completely team reliant now. This means that for positioning and avoiding flankers and dive heros she needs her team to cover her as she is literally completely unable to deter them herself.

  21. OW2 is going the way of WOW. Dumb it down to the point it’s unrecognizable and ppl leave.

  22. As a Mercy main I am not thrilled by her movement nerf but as far as the healing I feel like you can make a really cool and interesting way to play. I played the game earlier where my teammate throughout Bob and when he got to half health I hit my ultimate and I stayed alive the entire time they were trying to kill Bob and me because my heals were hitting everyone. I think it's actually going to be fun I'm not too angry. She still very viable

  23. great thanks, now I’m going to have a brig player on my team every game that has no idea what they are doing cause you put her on this list. Brig, although everyone ranked her low on their tier lists except flats, has been extremely impactful when played right the last two seasons. Holyshiftkid proved that, twice. But when not played right, she’s a feeder. If you are getting more than 5 deaths as brig, you’re playing her wrong and you should just play something else.

  24. Nerfing all the tanks is the most stupid thing ive ever seen. They wont be happy untill every single person just plays damage lol

  25. i just want Ana to have some tool to reposition herself, ideally something silly. kirioko gets wall climbing and a teleport, give grandma something

  26. Didn't mention Cassidy? He feels so much better now with the damage falloff buff

  27. I've wrecked ramatras (non-nemisis form) with a well placed volley from Zen without discord, full disclosure the ramatra was standing still. I feel the zen one shot is a lot more skill to place it over widdow or sojourn though, not being hit scan you have to lead and predict the movement of the enemy. It could be tuned down a little bit but over all I don't think it is in that bad of a place

  28. Tracer is the second best dps behind Sorjourn and nobody mentions her, especially with Hammond and Doomfist as the meta? (I truly think doomfist is meta in a dive setting, especially without a lot of hog and orisa around) and people slept on him too.
    I think Roadhog and Orisa kept the dive tanks hostage, Doom and Hamster are not that weak vs against the other tanks.

  29. My ideal team comp right now is Junker Queen leading paired with Mei and Soldier 76. Mei's wall will help compensate JQ's lack of barrier, but both Mei and Soldier will have self heal to survive. As support, Mercy and Zen. Both of them have great synergy with JQ seeing as her healing is based on damage done. If Mercy focuses mainly on damage boosting JQ as JQ focuses whoever Zen discords I think they would be unstoppable. The weakest part is how JQ's ult can be countered or haulted by almost anyone and anything. Orisa is especially difficult to get around as all of her abilities can stop JQ as she's rampaging.

  30. I think the meta is better balanced right now

  31. they should change mercy’s damage boost to a big attack speed boost maybe with a little speed or something

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