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Tank Games: the Brightest Milestones

Tank Games

There are a lot of fun tank games to fit anyone’s taste. But back then, there weren’t such a variety of top-notch entertainment options. Let’s have a look at how they developed by marking the genre’s best examples.

Designed for Arcade Machines: Battlezone


Released in 1980, the FPS had three-dimensional vector graphics with black-and-white visuals. 2 joysticks controlled each caterpillar treads separately. Which made it hard to set the metal monster in motion and blow the opponents.

Tank Games: Further Evolution

Soon digital entertainment moved from arcades to home PC and consoles. The transition launched a new generation of legendary adventures. Although the graphics were far from modern standards, they were top-level back then.

Battle City (1985)

Battle City (1985)

A classic multi-dimensional shooter with a top-down perspective. It had 1- and 2-player modes. The agenda was to fight off hostile armored vehicles and defend your base. Later versions even allowed you to create maps through in-built tools.

Abrams Battle Tank (1988)

Abrams Battle Tank (1988)

It’s the first American tank simulator. The main feature is greater immersion in virtual reality. All thanks to the constant comments of AI fellow soldiers. You controlled the machine together, and that created a better participation effect.

M1 Tank Platoon (1989)

M1 Tank Platoon (1989)

This simulator introduced tactical elements. Users could give orders to the troops of allied forces. As well as try the roles of the commander, driver, or shooter.

A Jump to Better Visuals

A Jump to Better Visuals

New technologies led to more realistic adventures. For example, Steel Beasts (2000). Instead of describing the level of authenticity, check out this fact. The title was used as a tool to train soldiers in the armies of several countries. Its developers released a military version specifically for Canada, the USA, Australia, and other nations.

The Era of MMO Action

When the Internet covered most of the world, the MMO genre started to bloom. No matter how clever the AIs are, fighting against real players is a special experience.

World of Tanks (2010)

World of Tanks (2010) was among the first to offer online and free matches. The variety of maps, the system of upgrades, customization features, hundreds of vehicles. The title keeps receiving updates. Check out this epic trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpmsA4-trHw

War Thunder (2011)

War Thunder (2011) is another popular multiplayer that has gone even further. Uniting all kinds of war machines, it offers combat in the air, sea, and land. Excellent graphics, realistic matches, several modes, fresh events with new missions, design updates… The adventure has it all and is a pleasure to play. According to Steam statistics, it had over 47000 unique users in the last 30 days. Follow the link to see the metal monsters in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OE7sTimvXmI

A Drastic Shift in a Couple of Decades

Tank games have undergone lots of transformations to grow into cool and modern toys. Now the civilians have a chance to dive deep into war action. And feel the atmosphere of heated battles.